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Payment options

Kızılhan Furniture has products suitable for every budget, as well as payment facilities. You can evaluate the payment options that are most suitable for you by examining them below.

Prepaid Installment Sale

An advantageous and easy payment option from Kızılhan Furniture for couples getting married and those who are considering renovating their house. With the prepaid promissory note sales system, order the products you like, and pay as you wish, piece by piece, until the date you receive the product.


In this campaign, our customers are paid in installments over our 8% discounted remittance prices. 30% of the order amount is paid in advance, and the remaining balance is paid in monthly installments until the date you receive the products. With this system, we are not affected by price increases, and we also provide the opportunity to pay according to your own budget. Our customers have the right to change the product they bought in the campaign.


In our escrow system, you can keep the products free of charge until the date you receive them. The remaining balance of the order amount must be closed on the date of delivery.

Cash payment

In your cash payments, the numbers written in the product price section are valid.


Payment by Credit Card

You can do all your shopping at Kızılhan Furniture with up to 9 monthly installments.

You can adjust your payment according to your budget by taking advantage of our special agreements with banks, plus installment and deferral campaigns.

You can view our bank campaigns here.

Credit cards with which you can make installment transactions on our site;




Payment by Wire Transfer / EFT

You can easily make your payments from anywhere, without coming to our store.



Branch Code: 0228  (Sunday Branch)

Account Number: 0035398

IBAN No: TR70 0004 6002 2888 8000 0353 98



Branch Code: 7230 (Sunday Branch)

Account Number: 1306073

IBAN No: TR98 0006 4000 0017 2301 3060 73




Branch Code: 1065 (Ardeşen Branch)

Account Number: 6297581

IBAN No: TR54 0006 2001 0650 0006 2975 81



Branch Code: 238 (Ardeşen Branch)

Account Number: 50613255

IBAN No: TR64 0006 7010 0000 0050 6132 55



Branch Code: 1391 (Sunday Branch)

Account Number: 09101368

IBAN No: TR15 0001 2001 3910 0009 1013 68


Payment by Phone

You can safely make your payments over the phone by calling our store at 0 (464) 612 1 444 for your shopping.

Wherever you are in Turkey, you can experience the comfort of placing an order with a phone call.


"We use credit cards of all banks with the mail order method on the phone"


Flexible Payment

In your payments, you can use more than one credit card, money order or cash payment options according to your budget without being stuck with the limit of only one credit card.

You can get the necessary help from our store and our sales representatives in this regard.


Payment by Debit Card

You can use all debit cards for your shopping at Kızılhan Furniture. Make your payments securely by choosing the one-shot payment option with your debit card.


Order Opportunity with Deposit

You can order the products you like by transferring 30% of the payment.

Our customer service informs you 1 day before the production of the products is completed and sent to you.


You can receive your products by completing the remaining balance.

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