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Return policy

Return Policy

The issues you should pay attention to before the return process are listed below:

Before returning the product, it is required that you have sent it back in its original packaging or with a packaging system equivalent to the original packaging. You have an obligation to deliver the product to the cargo with the packaging you have made in a way that will prevent damage to the product you will return (in order to avoid scratches, cracks, etc.).

Return process for standard product orders:

You can return the product(s) of your order without giving a reason within 14 (fourteen) days of the right of withdrawal from the delivery date. You can also submit your return request by filling out a form explaining the reason for your return in detail, without exceeding the legal period before shipping. After the expiry of the 14-day right of withdrawal from the date of delivery of the products, arbitrary returns cannot be made for standard product sales.


Return conditions for products whose features, materials, sizes, colors have been changed or for projected orders:

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised on such products. It is the decision of Kızılhan Furniture to accept products and products that are in the special order status without the right of withdrawal as returns, and in order not to refuse the return request of our customers, fees such as 30% customization/shipping/assembly of customized products over the price of the product/products purchased. is entitled to a refund.


The return request for special orders is also valid for 14 days after the delivery date. Products shipped by us in the return request are returned by our own delivery team. However, if your order was delivered with a different shipping company or cargo, it should be returned to the institutions notified to you by the order owner (our customer) within the specified date and time interval. In transactions where the product is not received by us, the disassembly and packaging of the furniture belonging to your order belongs to the order owner (our customer).


Even if the delivery of the products whose delivery type is cargo or logistics company is made by shipping, the return must be made by our customer to the specified address.


Steps to be followed to report damage, missing parts, faulty product; 

Damage, missing parts, faulty products, etc. to us within 14 days after the delivery of your product. If you make a notification for such cases, necessary actions will be initiated on your behalf and your notification will be resolved by us within 25 working days at the latest. 


In cases of missing parts, faulty shipments, products left in the cargo or warehouse, the part can be re-manufactured or delivered to you quickly if there is a ready-made product/part. 


For defective and/or damaged products, our technical team examines the product, follows the instructions in the most correct order of operations and starts the solution process. 


If the problems are related to areas such as upholstery, accessory (handle, etc.) module covers, table sides and tops, product legs, installation materials, our shipping unit will quickly meet your demands and direct the necessary materials to your address. 


When repair work is required for the products delivered by us, our team comes to your address and solves the problem on site, provided that you inform you beforehand. If a much more comprehensive and detailed study is required for a solution, our team will take the relevant product/products from your home and deliver them to your address after completing the necessary maintenance, modification or renewal processes.


If repair is required for products with a different shipping company, logistics company or cargo, you must send the product to the address that will be notified to you. However, you do not need to make any shipments in the transactions that will be provided with the part delivery method. In this case, the relevant part will be shipped to your address by us.


All your feedback after delivery info@kizilhanmobilya.comVia  mail or

You can create it from our WhatAapp after-sales support line 0 532 052 4707. 

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